Year-End Tournament Results

A Division - Maniacs
B Division - Da Bulls
C Division - Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagles
D Division - Masterbatters

2011 Most Sportsmanlike Team (3 way tie!) - Big Guns, Brewers & Wedler Wannabes

Sportsmanship ratings are sent in after each game throughout the year. The top five teams voted most sportsmanlike were:

Avg Sportsmanship Rating
1. Big Guns4.808
1. Brewers4.808
1. Wedler Wannabes4.808
2. Da Bears4.763
3. Big Sticks4.731
4. Maniacs4.722
5. SNAFU4.682

We would like to thank Friendly Mikes for donating prizes for the Most Sportsmanlike team and Lori Johnson for stepping in at the last minute to take pictures of all the MVP's and division winners.