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Looking for a team
  • Dear Chilliwack Community,

    Thanks for accepting me on this forum. I am looking to join a coed and men's team for spring and summer. Please contact me at:

    Email: letsonjustin@gmail.com

  • Hey fellow ball players!
    I am looking to join a coed team for the spring. I played 2nd base and catcher for 8 years in abbotsford but am now living in chilliwack and would love to find a new local team! Looking for a team that likes to have fun, is competitive but not too competitive. I’ve been told to check out the Jolly Miller league

  • Hello folks,

    I am wanting to play again this season on the 2 pitch league. Played last season for the Hippos. I don't miss games and am dedicated, so will make a good addition to any team looking for someone reliable. Feel free to email or call/text

    604-500-1676 or ryan@hoft.ca
  • Hello all teams,

    My name is Michelle, i am looking to join a A or B Div team. I am an outfielder but also a versatile player. I have played in this league for 15 years but recently my team folded and am in need of a new team. 10 years I played on Murray Honda and most recently with Road crew.

    Please message me at 604-845-1452 or by email at mtole2@hotmail.com
  • Hey my name is Shane Trojanowski I’ve play baseball for 26years the position I like to play is short stop, second base, third base and I can play outfield too I’m looking for coed mixed slow pitch team to play on this coming spring thank you

    Please message me at 17783258484 or by email
  • Greetings.

    Looking to play in the upcoming season. Played ball all my life off and on. Joining for all the same reasons everybody else does. Health, meet some new people blah blah!

    No idea about which league I should specify, so hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction.

    If you want you can reach me here ... waldo.pepper62 at gee mail dot com


  • Hi!
    My name is Mike Lawrence. Looking for a team to join for 2020 !

    I played baseball until I was 16 and haven't played for 20 years. I miss playing sports and have recently settled in Chilliwack and would really like to join a team. I will play any position but my favorite is running down fly balls in the outfield.

    Send me a message at Lawrence@zoology.ubc.ca if you have an opening!
  • Hi,
    My name is Jeffrey Dekker, and I’m looking for a competitive coed team to join in the spring, either in the jolly Miller league or the wildlife league. Preferably the jolly miller though. I played fast pitch softball for 4 years and then played hard ball for a year and just miss the sport and wanting to get back into it. I am willing to play any position

    Email: jeffreydekker@outlook.com

    Thank you,
    Jeffrey Dekker
  • Hey I'm Dallas, looking for a beer league team this season...
    I'm available evenings and weekends.
    Contact me at dallaajames@gmail.com
    Or on my cell 778 988 6875
  • Hey!
    My name is Dillan and I recently moved to Chilliwack so looking for a new team!
    Past 4 or 5 years I have played 2nd base but I am versatile. Looking to play in the Jolly Miller League, let me know if you have a spot for me; you can get at me by either:

    or 778-551-2625
  • Looking for a team for mixed league slo-pitch, played last season on mixed and men’s D division. Please call or text if you have room and need a guy, I can make pretty much all Tuesday and Thursday game times.




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