The Chilliwack Wildlife Slo-Pitch League is an adult co-ed Slo-Pitch softball league with an emphasis on sportsmanship and fun. Our season runs from the beginning of April to the end of July.

This page is updated regularly during softball season with news & events.

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Posted Apr 02, 2014

Warm-Up Tournament Schedule

The Warm-Up Tournament Schedule has been posted. Our apologies for the delay but we had a team who had email problems enter at the last minute and we had to revise the schedule. Unfortunately that put us up to 17 teams in the tournament which makes for a pretty uneven schedule. Please review for any errors.

Posted Mar 16, 2014

League Schedule & Team Schedules

The League Schedule and individual Team Schedules have been posted. Please review contact information for any errors.

Please be patient as this League and website are run by volunteers. The remainder of the pages including Tournament, Executive and Rule pages will be updated shortly before the start of the season.

Posted Aug 17, 2013

Request for Volunteers

The Beer Garden Committee met this past Thursday and here are some items that we need help with for the upcoming Provincials on Sep 13-15 & Sep 20-22...

  • Our C.A.P.E. approval from the City dictates that we need to have licensed security for our beer gardens
  • If anyone knows of a licensed security individual or firm that is reasonably priced please let us know
  • We have already obtained a quote from Griffin
Tables & Chairs
  • We need 12 sturdy tables
  • Approximately 75 chairs
  • The Legends men's ball team rents theirs out at $50/weekend but they are stored in Abbotsford and we would prefer a cheaper & closer option (free being the best)
  • Need volunteers with trucks to pick said chairs and tables up on the Friday and take back on the Sunday (both weekends)
  • Karrie Vermette from Friendly Mike's has arranged with Twin Rinks to use ice shavings for keeping beer chilled (no longer an option)
  • Need volunteer(s) with a truck to shovel ice into their truck and keep truck at the beer gardens throughout the weekend (no longer an option)
  • Toni Kelly from the Rendezvous Restaurant has graciously offered to donate cube-ice for drinks and to keep drinks chilled. John East from Friendly Mike's has offered ice bags.
  • Need volunteer(s) with freezer space to bag up ice daily prior to tournament and stockpile
Storage Coolers or Bins
  • We require 3 - 4 large coolers or bins for putting beer on ice.
  • We require 1 cooler to store cube-ice for drinks
  • Need volunteers to get plastic bags from Bottle Depot
  • Need a large wire rack to put plastic bags on at beer garden
  • Need volunteers to take bags of empties back to Bottle Depot
Servers & Cash Table
  • Need volunteers to:
  1. Serve beer and coolers (If you have your Serving It Right, even better!)
  2. Sit at cash/ticket table
  3. Hourly cleanup
  • Kym Elderkin is putting the volunteer schedule together for both weekends
  • Need a volunteer to be in charge of music!
If your team can volunteer to help out in any way it would be most appreciated. Teams that do supply volunteers will have their fundraising requirements for the 2014 season reduced accordingly to the funds that are raised.

Please send us an email if you can help out in any way.

Posted Aug 08, 2013

2013 NSA BC Provincials

NSA has asked the Wildlife League to host the 2013 NSA Provincials at Townsend Park on the Sep 14-15 and 21-22 weekends. Part of hosting the tournament is running the beer gardens for both these weekends. This could be a good opportunity for the League to fundraise towards our 2014 season.

A meeting has been scheduled for Thursday August 15th – 7:00pm at the Rendezvous Restaurant for those that would like to help. The applications have been submitted to the City already but a bunch of logistic stuff needs to be handled.

If you have been involved with running or volunteering in beer gardens we would most welcome your input.

We realize this meeting may conflict with some folk's Men's League Schedule. Our apologies.

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2Liq-our Beavers2
3Ball Haulers2
5River Rats2
6Mertin GM2
7'Vous Crew2
11H-D Screamin' Eagles0
12Da Bulls0
15Total Kaos0
18Dirty Birds0
19Great Canadian Jolly Rogers0